Transforming corporate communications through live interaction

Ignition Studio is the world’s first solution designed for large companies to create live interactive video for communication, collaboration and gamified learning at scale.

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Communicate, Collaborate, Learn

Organisations worldwide need to keep up with the changing media consumption of employees and partners. Live video and gamification are key tools for this challenge, by creating authentic and exciting collective experiences at scale. With over 10 years experience of  live interactive video in television and gaming, we have created a solution for large companies to use these tools for internal communication and learning. 

Ignition Studio is mobile first, snackable and interactive. You can keep your employees’ attention, get instant feedback and build engagement with gamification, wisdom of the crowd and collaboration mechanics. Advanced tracking and measurements, enable you to quantify reach, impact and performance. This is Ignition Studio.

Our Solution

Employees download an in-company app and can take part wherever they are. Ignition Studio can also be integrated into existing apps. Before each session, users receive a notification to get ready. Our video centric intuitive app let users participate and play individually or in a team, score points and win prizes!

Backed by a catalog of interaction types and mechanics, Ignition Studio can be configured for communications, marketing, sales, training and learning. Integrate our platform into your technology infrastructure and create customised graphics to represent your brand.

Ignition Studio uses ultra-low latency video, structured interactivity, real-time data processing and gamification mechanisms to deliver an easy and exciting user experience. 

Our live streaming and content management system is broadcast-grade, yet simple to operate and offers a real-time, cloud-based solution to tie everything together.

Use Cases

Everything you need to engage with your employees. Choose from our format library or customise your own.

Host a live interactive video session at scale for all employees, no matter where they are across the world, and collect instant feedback via polling, questionnaires, and heatmaps.

Educate your employees with bite-size, gamified live videos they can participate in on their own or as part of a team with their colleagues.

Inform all or a selected group of employees or business partners about a new product in a new, exciting way that fosters a team connection. 

Welcome new team members to the company and introduce your values and systems in an entertaining and efficient way with short, engaging video sessions.

Turn mandatory compliance courses – which have a reputation for being dry and uninteresting – into entertaining, gamified, incentivised experiences.

Why live?
Live video creates ‘eye-to-eye’ dialogue between the presenter and viewer. It creates a sense of urgency that compels people to engage.
Why interactive?
Structured interactivity enables transparent, two-way communication. Giving your teams a voice makes for more effective messaging and learning.
Why gamified?
Use storytelling and design techniques from the media world to make your content more attractive, incentivise participation and reward results.

About Us

We believe in the power of live video and interactivity to revitalise, invigorate, boost and improve internal communications and education in corporate organisations, improve employees’ engagement, employer branding and make onboarding processes more efficient and entertaining.

Ignition Studio is part of the Ex Machina Group, an Amsterdam based global specialist in interactive video apps for television, gaming and in-company use.

Ex Machina Group provides a range of in-house built platforms for developing interactive video applications.  This is complemented with a strategy to execution services offering.

To find out more more about Ex Machina visit 

Ex Machina Group

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