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Discover Ignition Studio, the leading platform for delivering interactive, live video to large teams in short episodes.

Any format, one platform

The Quiz is just one format that runs on the Ignition Studio platform, but the solution can be used to power live, interactive video sessions of all kinds.

Ignition Studio - The Quiz Format - Demo Video
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Live video creates ‘eye-to-eye’ dialogue between presenter and viewer


Structured interactivity supports transparent, two-way communication


Use storytelling and design techniques from the media world

Take action to engage your team

Diverse use cases, limited only by your imagination. Here are a few applications we have already built.
If you have another idea in mind, get in touch with us.

Learning and development

Take learning and development to the next level. Employees retain more knowledge with live polls and quizzes to teach, test and reward their learning efforts.

Internal Communications

Bring your all-hands meetings, company-wide town halls or change communications to life with interactive live video.


With gamified live video, turn compliance from a chore to an attractive training opportunity that employees look forward to.


Creatively engage partners and suppliers. Work together more effectively as one team.

Innovate your content

Create content that your teams want to consume. Make corporate communication fun again.

Lift engagement

Motivate your team, improving culture and productivity.

Cut out travel time

Reach teams wherever they are, via mobile – better for the planet, and your bottom line.

Powered by simple to use, reliable technology.

To get started, all you need is a camera.

  • Broadcast to audiences up to 500,000 using our proven low-latency live streaming technology
  • Easily design and deliver live interactive sessions using the content management system
  • Generate data and analytics on feedback and performance
  • Stay in complete control with secure access and data protection

You're in good company!

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"With Ignition Studio we added interaction - via a quiz - to our online training that you normally only get in real life, or even better, because everyone was sitting front row"
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Thijs Kamperman
Innovation Manager Data at Enexis Group